Monday, December 13, 2010

Are you Paul McCartney?

I'm pretty sure not one person saw me in the outfit today except Joe. One of those days. I was hoping to get outside at some point since the sun was shining in the midst of what is supposed to be a solid week of rain but no such luck. I'm wearing the fabric necklace I made recently as a bracelet, and I think I kind of like it better that way. Also, sorry about my hair, which had no thought put into it besides this: *gets out of shower* hmmm, I guess I'll throw my hair back in a bun until I get around to fixing it later. *hours later, time to take outfit pictures* I want to wear my hair down, but not do any work. *takes hair out of bun, clips front part back with a clip* Kinda frizzy and unkempt. End.

Also, I'm in love with this grey belt I took from my mom. It's the perfect shade, and looks so sophisticated and spiffy with basically everything. I think grey is my all-time favorite neutral. It's less harsh than black, matches more stuff than brown, and is more interesting than white or cream. I love the idea of it with pinks and other bright colors, or mixed with red and/or green for holiday dressing.


  1. your skirt is so cute! i like how you paired it with those tights. That's cool you turned the necklace into a bracelet! :)


  2. I love grey too. And gray. I never now which way to spell it, which adds to the allure I think...

  3. i love your argyle tights! they're so cute. grey is one of my favorite colors, i have entirely too much of it in my closet :)