Monday, December 20, 2010

Buffalo Exchange FTW

Seems like a lot of you have already responded to my post about Black Swan...some differing opinions for sure. I know not everyone will agree with me about its brilliance, but Joe and I are both a bit infamous for liking weird and dark movies. The Coen Brothers, David Fincher, Stanley Kubrick, Michel Gondry (what up, Eternal Sunshine?!), all of the directors we like are a bit on the creepy side. Relatedly, I was a little perplexed to find out that Natalie Portman is following up Black Swan, her best, career-defining, most complex performance to date, with a romantic comedy co-starring Ashton Kutcher. Blech, so disappointing. But I guess when you go that dark into a role, maybe you need something dumb and easy right after.

But that's not really why I'm gracing you with a second post today. No, the real reason is so much better. A couple of my friends came to visit me today, and we had a blast eating pizza and ice cream and wandering the streets lit with Christmas lights (aside from the guy on a bike who followed us for half a block saying "Hey, I bet you ladies have some stories to tell. *rides alongside us for a few seconds, we don't respond* What, no stories?") Aaaand...we went to Buffalo Exchange! I try no to go there too often because I always find amazing stuff that I shouldn't be buying cause I don't have the money to burn, and though they are a secondhand store, they're rather pricier than most. We all tried on weird things, and found some items we couldn't live without.

You guys, I wanted this leotard so bad. I could just see myself sewing Y's all over it and going as Karen O for Halloween. (See this post for context.)

This was one of those dresses where my initial gut reaction was eww, yuck, and then .5 seconds later turned into this is awesome. Tori (seen here clutching a dress she wanted to buy but decided against) and Megan (seen also wearing the same dress in the first photo) were skeptical, but wanted me to buy it after I tried it on. Megan loves to go shopping with me, she says everything I pick up is something she would think is ugly if she saw it, but as soon as I pick it up and say I like it she thinks it's cute too.

We all loved Megan's poodle (kitty?) skirt here, which she tried on because she was shopping for an outfit for the Dance of the Decades at her college, and we thought it would be fun. Really cute, but it didn't make the final cut. And here's me in a Hipster Musings-worthy ensemble that actually went a little too well with my weird braided hairdo.

And, finally, a cute little red dress Megan brought in to try on, and was passed on to me when it was too small for her. This one came home with me. How much, you ask? Ten fifty. And I can wear it on Christmas!

Note: for anyone who came here through Clothed Much, I hope it isn't cheating that I included a fitting-room-only outfit, but I just couldn't resist. I honestly would wear that leotard in public!


  1. I've found some great stuff at Buffalo Exchange! Bicycle dude sounds like a creeper! That's a lovely red dress!

  2. Okay, before I start my just-dreamed-up no shopping ban, I might have to go to Buffalo...