Monday, December 27, 2010

I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite.

I'd like to say I'm disgusted with how faithfully you all have been updating your blogs despite the busy-ness of  the holidays, but in fact I am just ashamed of myself for being so remiss. To make up for it, here's a picture of my friend Robert putting a sweatshirt on a dog.

Now here are a couple of really bad quality pictures of my Christmas day outfit.

I loved my red Buffalo Exchange dress. It was festive and comfy, and gave me an excuse to wear the Charlotte Russe tights you guys are probably getting sick of. I'll get better shots of the shoes later, because I'm ridiculously excited about them. They are Kenneth Cole Reaction suede ankle boots I saw on a shopping trip with my mom and grandma a few weeks ago. They didn't have my size, but my mom is sneaky and tracked them down online. I have been wanting ankle boots for years, but they never fit me right--the opening is always weird and big and awkward looking on my tiny chicken legs. But these are perfect! And the color is a lovely sort of smokey tan that matches everything. Get ready to see them a lot, cause I'll be wearing them all the time. You may think when I say "all the time," I say mean it in the adorable, hyperbolic sense of the word. But actually, I mean I will be wearing them pretty much every day. Except when it rains, cause I haven't put leather protector on them yet. But I will still wear them around the house and such on those days. 

Oh, sorry. I went somewhere else for a minute there.


  1. I want to see the shoes!!! Hurry up! Stop wrapping and unwrapping presents and get to it! Just kidding...uh, take your time an enjoy the holidays?

  2. Love your outfit! It's cute and festive. :)

  3. I definitely watched that movie yesterday! It ill always be my Christmas favorite :)
    You look perfectly festive here! I love the satiny details on your dress! And I would love another shot of those boots that you are so in love with!