Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I wrapped presents. Now it really feels like Christmas!

I can't tell you guys how happy I am that it's winter solstice today. Let the lengthening of days commence! I'm already dreaming of a time when I can go outside at four and still have hours and hours of daylight left.

This skirt, which is actually a very dark purple color, was a purchase from yesterday's shopping exhibition. It was four bucks, but I had store credit so it ended up being seventy-three cents. It was brand new, tags still attached, and it's suede. I kind of threw this outfit together today because I wanted to try it out, but honestly I'm not quite sure the best way to style it yet. I think it will look a lot nicer in warmer weather when I can do bare legs, but then again deep purple suede has the weight and color perfect for fall and winter. 

I am especially excited today because I sold my first item from my etsy store! The buyer wanted it to come in time for Christmas, and the post office said it should get there Christmas Eve, so I've got my fingers crossed. Wouldn't it be a bummer if my first customer gave me bad feedback? Anyway, it's good to have a sale under my belt, and I will definitely be putting some new items in the shop this week. If you liked the necklace I wore yesterday, you're in luck! I just need to take a few photos for the listing and it will be up for sale.


  1. Congrats on the big sale! Hey, at least you were smart and didn't use blogger and now your pictures are BIG! You look cute next to your tree, too.

  2. woot woot on the sale! I love the skirt, what an awesome deal! Your prezzies look all spiffy all wrapped up!