Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

I've been getting requests to show off the new ankle boots I was gushing about yesterday, so your wish is my command! Ah, yes, dear readers, I cater to your every whim promptly and with great joy. Plus, come on. They are fab. 

Confession time: my apartment is a disaster. I took photos in my bathroom last night cause it's honestly the best lighting I can get, but also because I would otherwise be standing amongst piles of holiday-related detritus, and the shoes would be hard to see. I did leave the Zip-it package lying on the bathroom floor in the picture for naked verisimilitude. What's a Zip-it, you ask? A genius drain-unclogging invention necessary to counteract the very non-genius design flaw of drain plugs that are not removable and give you an approximately 4 millimeter opening from which it is nearly impossible to extract the hair that will inevitably wash down and clog said drain, no matter how diligent the shower user is about collecting and discarding any hair shed during the showering process. It's basically a long flat plastic stick with a loop on top for holding, and upward-facing thornlike points along each side that snag hair and yank it out. I was super impressed, I only spent a few minutes and my drain was clear and functioning again. I appreciate any product that makes the process faster, because unclogging a drain is super gross and kind of makes me gag.

Here you may note the phenomenon which plagues me, known as the no-butt butt. I have no butt.

I was going to talk about my outfit and how my pin looks like the ones the fellowship get from the elves in one of the Lord of the Rings movies (can't remember which, need to watch again, I guess), and how I have trouble styling this sweater, but I talked a lot about drains and hair and such, and I feel you now may be bored of this post. Sorry for the gross factor today, the next one will be much prettier in topic. Your wish is my command!

Ann Taylor Loft via Goodwill cardigan, Pacsun tank, vintage brooch, Celebrity Pink via Buffalo Exchange jeans, Kenneth Cole Reaction ankle boots


  1. I love the simplicity and those shoes are awesome!

  2. Yes those booties are amazing!
    I also love how you wore the brooch...I never think to put one in the middle of my body...they always end up to one side...

  3. I forgive you your detritus because it seems like the little bottles on your shelf are lined up really neatly. Good job!

    Those jeans look great on you...you can always make an animated jif of your butt expanding like I did when I was plagued with a bad case of the flats a couple weeks ago..


  4. really love your shoes, they seem like they will go with a lot of different outfits. As for unclogging drains, grossest thing every, thankfully that is my husbands job (my job is to clog it with my hair) :)