Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thrifting is just better

Here I am, with no job at the moment, my old children's section Target boots starting show signs of wear, dreaming of the BCBG and Frye boots I couldn't buy at Buffalo Exchange, knowing how great of a gap some flat boots could fill in my wardrobe but that I have little or no money to spare. I stop by my favorite secondhand (consignment) clothing store to drop off some old clothes, and I can't help looking around. And lo and behold, the very kind of boots I desperately longed for, vintage but in stellar condition, for nine dollars. You will be seeing these a LOT.

Funny thing is, when I first spotted them I didn't think I would like the pointy toe, and was determined to try them on but not settle if I only sort of liked them. But as soon as I slipped them on, it was love.

Also wearing my mom's old birthstone ring and pearl Avon ring from her high school days. Funny story about this skirt. I was browsing through Chictopia, noticing all the heart-patterned items that are starting to pop up--heart cardigans, tights, skirts, etc. I sat there on my couch, wishing I could acquire a piece with this emerging trend, when I realized I was, at that very moment, wearing this heart patterned skirt. In my defense, the pattern is tiny and doesn't really come off as hearts except up close. But it was a bit of a personal blonde moment.

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