Friday, November 12, 2010

What pile of unfolded laundry?

My lamp is starting to follow me around the apartment. Let's face it, I need the extra wattage when I'm trying to take photos. I've started off with another coat-on shot for you all. This trench is the single-most expensive item I've ever bought myself, but I anyone who has a good one knows how essential it is to a complete coat collection. I love that it's this pretty but still neutral shade of slate blue instead of traditional khaki. I snagged it with some birthday money last year, and though this fall it seemed we were going to skip right over the kind of weather appropriate for it, I've managed to make use of it a few times lately.

Socks with wedges are making another appearance. I've never bothered to hem these jeans, though I've had them for years, so I usually have to wear them with heels. It works, because they have beading details on the pockets to class 'em up a bit. And my legs look soooo long in them. Don't be fooled, guys, it's all illusion and trickery. I'm barely over five foot.

Hmmm...that lamp stand could use a good dusting. I'm sure I'll get right on that.

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