Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Shkirt

So I recently acquired some new duds courtesy a friend of mine who's moving to Arizona. Some of the stuff was going to be unnecessary because of the heat, the rest was too small. One of the items was an Old Navy shirt that was trapeze cut, just straps with flowing fabric beneath a straight across neckline. I liked the pattern, but the cut looked terrible on me, too short and kind of tentish. Instead of plunking it into the giveaway pile, I hacked of the straps and voila--a brand new skirt! 

Something inspired me that day to  pull this watch out of the vault. I got it in high school and proceeded to wear it every day for ten years. Recently it's been out of rotation, but I'm starting to experiment a bit with accessories after a long minimalist period. 

Also, I think these tights just look good with everything. EVERYTHING.

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