Sunday, November 28, 2010

From the scrap pile

Today I went with decidedly un-geeky. I love this skirt, because I can throw a t-shirt and cardigan with it and be comfy, or go with a nicer top and heels for a fancy day. Not that I ever have anything fancy to go to, I just like to be fancy sometimes. The truth is, today I went to church, hung out with Joe and a friend and watched TLC's Hoarders rip-off, went home, watched some stuff on my computer, fell asleep on the couch with Joe, watched The Amazing Race, and took pictures. Not so fancy. You know, that's a cool word. Fancy. Fancy fancy fancy. Ok I'm done now.

I had this weird inspiration epiphany yesterday, and decided my new life's purpose is to make woven necklaces out of cut-up fabric. This braided piece is sort of an experimental prototype. I cut a vintage scarf into three pieces and braided them. The hard part was fashioning a type of closure, but I managed. Not polished enough to sell, but I think it's a good first try. I'm getting a small starter sewing machine for Christmas, so that should make everything a lot easier. For now, any sewing  have to do will be by hand. So, in other words, crooked and makeshift. 


  1. You made that necklace? It looks great! Such a creative use of scarf (:

  2. Yes! It's super easy. I just braided some fabric together. The closure was kind of tricky, but I managed. Keep your eyes out for more like this, I'm going to be working on perfecting this technique.