Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Car Ride Theory

Nordstrom BP cardigan, Gap Outlet top, Buffalo Exchange jeans, Report boots

In case you're wondering, that's a snowman stocking hanging from the lamp, not a plastic bag

When going on a two hour (each way) car ride stuffed into the back middle non-seat, then walking around Seattle, there are two essentials that come into play when deciding what to wear. One: comfy. Two: CUTE. Cute is more important, so I made it capital letters. 

It also means jeans are the smartest option, so in order to up the distinct factor of my outfit, I grabbed my big furry boots. I wanted a bold color to keep me out of the black and gray winter palette rut, so bright pink cardigan. Add a semi-metallic Gap Outlet shirt I haven't worn in years, and the end result is everything I wanted, and more. Cause I really liked the shirt, and while it hasn't gotten much use, I think this will be the year I finally realize it goes with everything.

Oh, and here I look kind of like I'm wearing the Santa hat on my bookshelf. It was accidental.

Yes my bookcase leans. I'll fix it someday.

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