Saturday, November 6, 2010

Choppin Broccoli

I'm on a blog roll here (hahaahahahha sorry), so here's a new post immediately after finishing the last one.

So, normally when I think of feminine, classic silhouettes, American Eagle isn't the first place that comes to mind. But on a shopping trip with my mom early in the year, we came across this pretty little thing in the clearance section, and in my size! I'd been going through a bit of a strapless dress phase, though not on purpose, and I couldn't resist the pretty flower pattern and bit of lace peeking out under the hem. 

I feel a little bit like someone made this out out one of Laura Ingalls Wilder's dresses. I can picture the fabric sitting on the shelf of an old general store, waiting to be made into some prairie-dweller's Sunday best. It's a semi-thick cotton, hearty enough to withstand a bit of wear. Normally, I might reach for gray or cornflower blue as a complement to the colors of the dress, but something made me try this pale yellow cardigan that think I've only worn one other time this year, and they ended up looking lovely together.

The final piece was green maryjanes. They're like little green flower stems supporting the burst of spring colors. All in an October outfit. I think this is the most prim and ladylike you will see me in a long time. I would have felt right at home at a ladies' tea that day. It was like being in character, but as a version of myself.

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