Monday, October 25, 2010

I found the pants you were looking for

I'm not much for black on black, but sometimes it just works. The texture in the skirt helps, and I was wearing enough color elsewhere in my outfit that I didn't even notice I had doubled up on black until after I got dressed and was about to leave for work.

The picture above is an example of what happens when Joe is around while I'm taking my outfit shots. He doesn't like to take the pictures or be in the pictures, but he does like to stand out of frame and make me feel awkward about the process. Here he is staring right at me, and I can't help looking at him instead of the camera. 

One of the details I liked about this look was the giraffe print on the shoes contrasted against the bold colors of the tights and shirt. Come to think of it, I doubled up on animal print too because the skirt has a snakeskin texture.

Well, I'm slowly closing in on being caught up on my backlog of outfit shots...I will be caught up soon! Stay tuned for a post about the BCBG and Frye boots I almost bought this weekend. They're all I've been able to think about for two days. Ah, missed opportunity. How you haunt me.

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