Saturday, October 30, 2010

Every day is not a Christmas Day

Even though I've lived in my new place for a month and a half, I've somehow only had about two Saturdays without busyness and plans that, while fun, take a way a lot of the relaxing aspects of the weekend. These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago on one of those lovely unplanned days. The weather cooperated as well, and so Joe and I took the chance of a sunny fall day to visit a part of town we love but hardly ever get to, and explore the trails nearby. Bonus tidbit: at lunch, we tried a place we'd never been before. It was great, but kind of pricey. Then, for some reason the couple next to us, who we never spoke to (but are apparently regulars) paid our bill! So we got dessert, and ended up having a whole meal for about five bucks.

There were tons of picturesque locations to choose from, but I finally stopped under this road overpass and begged Joe to helm the camera. He doesn't much like taking my blog photos, so he pretty much snapped a quick succession of shots while I attempted to pose. I made him do some jacket on and jacket off versions, as well as crossing from one side of the trail to the other.
I wore my Target children's section red pea coat for the first time in awhile. Whenever I wear it, I feel that the sleeves are too short. In reality, they are the ideal length, but being petite I'm used to all my coat sleeves reaching past my knuckles.

I'm wearing my signature rolled-up skinnies. Despite the fact that I've heard over and over that petite women shouldn't wear pants at this length because it cuts the leg line and makes me look shorter, I do it anyway. It's no secret I'm five two, no reason to try and cheat it. And I get so many compliments on the style when I wear it. So there's the moral of the story today, kids. Sometimes the rules don't apply. To me, that is.

For outfit details, check out my flickr page here.

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