Monday, August 30, 2010

Get Out

My itch to take outdoor photos first got scratched a couple of days before the photo shoot from yesterday's post. I took these outside next to my front porch before then, but hadn't posted them yet. Once again, since I don't have a tripod I had do make to setting my camera on the ground and angling it up towards me. Don't fear for my modesty, though, I was wearing shorts under my skirt!

My camera is one of those tiny slim ones, perfect for throwing in my purse and taking everywhere, terrible for balancing on ledges or rocks. 

And now, as a bonus, a terribly awkward picture of me taken by Tori. I was talking while she took it. She got a really nice shot of me smiling properly, but my memory card (which frequently geeks out and has to be reformatted) had a snafu and I can only download that picture sideways. Also, the lighting here makes me look a bit vampirish, no? I've learned to embrace the pale.

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  1. Hi there,

    I found your blog n weardrobe and followed you all the way here. I can say one thing about taking photos with slim digital cameras from personal experience. I had to buy a portable tripod that I would throw inside my bag whenever I have to take photos outside. I was almost going to break my camera once when I did not have a tripod. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada.

    P.S: I was wondering how you;d feel about following or doing a link exchange with my blog. I'll surely return the favour. :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you. :)