Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Exists

This is a real thing I saw at a store in Seattle last week:

It's a croc purse. Except it's not make by Crocs. It's by some company called Lubber who ripped off Crocs' design and for some unfathomable reason turned in into a purse/tote.

There's also a website of questionable grammatic integrity that professes it to serve all sorts of purposes, such as "Cheer Leader Tote," "Drinks Cooler" and "Fancy Flower Planter." (wtf?)

And in case you were on the fence about purchasing this amazing mult-tasking wonder, but you just wish it was a little bit more...personal, good news! You can also buy giant gaudy charms and flowers to stick in the holes! (And you thought those only had asthetic merit.)



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