Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Kids Are Alright

I never would have bought these tights for myself, but Tori got them and they were too small for her. I've only worn them a few times. Neon purple is not the easiest color to work into my wardrobe. I decided to be bold and put them with a hot pink t-shirt, and then dilute the craziness of the colors with a black cardigan and calf-high boots that limit the amount of tights you see.

There's a cool floral design in the tights you can't see in the first pic.

Bonus fact: two of the items I'm wearing here come from the children's section. One, the boots, which are from Target (I have a size 6-7 foot which fits in some kids sizes. I also have girls size four Converse, about $25 cheaper than adult size). Two, the skort (yes, skort) by Roxy Girl from Macy's. It's a nice stretchy denim, and you would never guess it has shorts built in. It's comfy and conservative enough to wear to work when I have to bend over and stretch up. I even used to wear it to my retail/stocking job where I was often climbing ladders. And before you try and hate me for still fitting into clothes you can't, some places (like Old Navy) the little girl's clothes actually fit up to a women's size 8. Fit is key, though, as the clothes are cut for a different type of body. I've had the most luck with skirts, personally.

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