Sunday, August 8, 2010

Out and About

Last Wednesday I got to hang out with my good friend Lisa who was in town for a few days. She's in the middle of a two-year teaching contract in China, and I haven't seen her in over a year. She's on a plane today back to China, and I won't see her again until next summer. We took advantage of her visit and got out and about in the beautiful weather.

One of the places we went was a local park with a scenic road that winds about 2 1/2 miles through forest and along the ocean. There are a couple of hilly spots, but nothing too challenging, so we had no problem with the walk though she was wearing flats and I had on sandals. As we were making our way up one of the steeper parts of the road, Lisa told me how in China, fashion is such a high priority for women they wear heels everywhere, including on trails and hikes just like what we were doing! Now, I am pretty committed to fashion, and I certainly love a great pair of heels, but I would never wear them into the woods! I'm used to being the only one in heels, especially when I wear them to the grocery store, and I think a lot of people could step up their footwear repertoire, but I still consider heels mainly an indoor item. I don't know whether to admire them or be grateful that's not the norm here.

Thanks to Lisa for taking my outfit shot this day! One of my favorite fashion blogs is The Clothes Horse, and I felt a bit like her here with my picture being taken along the Western Washington Shore. If there's one blogger I would love to emulate, it's her...buying and wearing lots of dresses, finding little spots along the beach and in the woods to take pictures of myself, and writing about what I'm wearing and things I like. Usually I just take a self-portrait in my bathroom, which is fine, but it's starting to seem like I don't get out much. So, yay for going out and about!

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