Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sorry I'm Ugly Now

Well, I guess I learned my lesson. I went into my layout to try and change a couple of things, and my old layout doesn't exist anymore. So I inadvertently changed it and now I can NEVER GO BACK to what it was before. And I hate my new layout. I can't get the blogreel and post titles not to be orange. Yuck. I will get back to making this better later, but I hate this layout and I'm sorry to subject you to it. Come baaaaaaaaack old layout! You were so simple and clean looking, and not dumb like this one.

UPDATE: I am making progress on the changes, I like this one much better. I miss the simplicity of before, and part of me really wants to go back to all black, but I'll give this a whirl. Expect more changes and experimentation for awhile.

SECOND UPDATE: I found the old layout buried in blogger's Design tab or something, but now I messed around with this new one enough I think I'll keep it. Eventually I'll have to do something cool and unique, but above all I am lazy, so...yeah. Good enough. That's what I always say.

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