Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Internets are eating my minutes

There are three things I procrastinated doing today. One: eating. Got home from work, ate, sat on couch, got on internets, ate again a looong time later (I only worked until 3 today). Two: getting a milkshake. I decided I wanted one around six or seven. Just got home from milkshake run to McDonalds. Current time is 10:19. Three: stopping by my parents' house to say hi since they were out of town last week and got home Monday and I haven't seen them yet. And it's Thursday. And I live next door to them.

Bah! I just ejected my memory card from my camera so I could post the picture I just took of my milkshake and it JUMPED OUT OF THE CAMERA AND ATTACKED ME!

My memory card is staging some kind of revolt. It did the same jump attack move when I tried to put it back.

Today started off well enough. I'm still having ear problems, as in I feel like I just got off a plane. When I shower it sounds like someone installed a rain stick in my head. We experienced a brief reprieve today from the major rain deluges that have been going on for a couple of weeks and, according to the weather reports, will continue until beyond reasonable weather-prediction ability. And my legs were recently shaved, so BRING ON THE LEG-BARING ENSEMBLES!

Please ignore the horrendousness of the nineties-tastic loveseat behind me, it was free and it's really comfortable.

After I got home from work I kind of sunk into the internet wasteland and got lazy and sort of depressed and frustrated in a where-is-my-life-going kind of way, and then mentalfloss introduced me to Hyperbole and a Half and that's what happened to my day.

P.S. That's The Lightning Thief on the "coffee table" and it was great. I read it in a couple of sittings, and I was into it enough that I would be reading and Joe would say "Hey, we should go to (location) and (do something) and I would be like "Okay, I have eleven pages left in this chapter" and he would be like "Let me know when you're done" and then I would secretly finish the chapter and read two more because they were only like three to five pages. 

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