Saturday, June 5, 2010

I don't want to be a cowgirl

Here's another post that starts with a drink cup!

Here's the thing about pizza--on the West Coast, we have Pizza Factory. Pizza Factory is the best pizza ever, my long-time favorite. Except that when you get an iced tea with ice, refill it on the way out, and leave it on the floor next to the couch when you get home it will slowly leak and when you look at it for the first time three hours later it will have had an "accident" and you will use two Pizza Factory napkins cleaning it up (luckily you have laminate flooring and not carpet) which is not that big a deal except you purposefully brought home five napkins since you've been out of paper towels and money for like three weeks and now you only have three napkins. And your cup will have to go inside another cup--a cup diaper if you will--to contain the drips because it is pretty good iced tea (see picture above). But the other thing about pizza is, I've never had East Coast pizza. So who am I to judge what is good pizza?

The other day I took Joe home to his apartment (35 miles away from where I live), and we stopped by the mall for some reason. To get a soft pretzel? Yep, it was because he wanted a soft pretzel. But then he got Chinese food instead. Anyway, we stopped at Target to get him an oven mitt, and holy cow did we hit the jackpot because he got a set of two hot pads and an oven mitt for three bucks. And while he was in line buying said items, I wandered over to the clothing section and drooled over these REALLY AWESOME SUNDRESSES AND SOME OF THEM WERE FIFTEEN DOLLARS THAT'S A REALLY GOOD DEAL TARGET GOOD JOB. I even tried to show some to Joe but of course he didn't care so we left and did some other stuff around town and then went back to his apartment and around eight I was all, "I should probably go home now I don't want to get too tired" but really I thought maybe Target closed at nine and I wanted to go there on the way home. So I stopped off for a "quick trip" (45 min) in which I tried on about six dresses, which were cute but none were quite worth an entire fifteen dollars (I've been buying a lot of secondhand stuff lately and fifteen dollars buys at least five things at Labels) BUT I tried on this super cute shirt from the children's section and it was fifteen dollars:

I wore it today and Joe became a boyfriend mushball of compliments about how cute I looked. He seriously loves when I wear button-up shirts. I almost ended up looking like a cowgirl though so I made sure my boots were sort of a chic vibe. GUESS WHAT MY BOOTS ARE ALSO FROM THE CHILDREN'S SECTION AT TARGET. A few years ago a girl I used to babysit had these exact boots in this exact size and I liked them so much I tried them on and then ran out an bought myself a pair the next day. I think she was nine at the time. 

In other news, I just had an epiphany when I realized I needed to take my outfit shot but it's night and artificially-lit inside shots always look kind of yellowy. I realized my bathroom is the perfect spot for taking my pictures! I can set the camera on the stack of Poetry magazines I have on my toilet tank (true story) and it frames the pictures perfectly! And the lighting looks great! And you can see the awesome shower curtain Tori and I got at Ross for eight dollars! In case you're wondering, I'm turning my head so you can see my crappy ponytail and my face looked weird in every shot where I was looking into the camera.

Well, that story about my taking pictures in my bathroom wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be.

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  1. Love the boots! I think girls look great with those kind of boots, and the skinny jeans work them really well. When I see a girl wearing them (boots) I immediately can picture you riding a horse, you know, English style with the small saddle and riding crop. Paints a fox and hound picture! Heh.
    The button up shirt reminds me of when I used to go out of town on occasion and my wife (gf back then) would wear one of my button ups around the house that still had my scent on it. That and sleeping with my pillow at was so sweet :)