Monday, May 17, 2010


Nice spring day, and the return of the coral skirt. I got this in the children's section at Target for around nine bucks. And the white t-shirt I've had for years. It was $0.97 at JC Penny's! I would have worn the legging shorts again, but they need to be washed. I actually wore them to bed last night. The polka-dot shoes are back...
I can't stop wearing these either. I love the lower heel for work, and the pattern adds kick to a simple outfit. Patterned heels are so fun, but honestly how often do you see them? I only have one other pair, my leopard-print Candies. I always get compliments on both pairs.

Somehow Alisha and I got on the subject of bridesmaid dresses. I'm not getting married until next year, but what little thought I've given to them has already been frustrating. I hate matchy-matchy satin strapless prom-looking and whatever else you typically see for bridesmaids. Alisha and I started scouring the internet, and I came across a suggestion to look at anthropologie. Bingo! Meet the Drifting by Dress. I am in love. It's made of silk, less than $200, and I think it will work for any body type. I found some images of real people wearing it online, but only in the cream color. As far as I can tell it just recently came out in black, and may be available in red soon. Is it totally insane to order bridesmaid dresses over a year before my wedding, and months before I am officially engaged? I'm not even one of those wedding obsessed girls. I am, however, fashion-obsessed, and am determined for all the clothing in the wedding to be semi-causal, unique, classic, and comfortable.

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