Sunday, May 16, 2010

My birthday week

This week has been crazy. Tori was gone to a wedding across the country. I had my birthday on Thursday, and Joe was here all week. We went to Seattle on Tuesday on a whim, ate lunch at Dick's, checked out a record store, saw a weird Ben Stiller movie called Greenburg, ate good pizza, and came home. I only got lost, oh, twice I think.

Other highlights from the week included renting The Happening, maybe one of the mostly awesomely bad and cheesy movies ever. (Sample dialog from newscaster addressing public after large amounts of people in the Northeast suddenly begin killing themselves: "An event seems to be happening." Uh, thanks. Super informative.) Also, Joe cooking me dinner, not allowing me in the kitchen, me calling out instructions from the couch while he insisted he didn't need help. And my very first surprise party, which Joe put together for the day after my birthday. No outfit pictures, but here' one from today. The shorts make another appearance!

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