Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Blaaaargh. When I finally got up and showered at around noon-thirty today I had delusions of grandeur about what I would accomplish. What I actually accomplished turned out to be moving my laptop out of my bedroom and into my living room and staying planted in that exact spot all day. I started out with a continuation of yesterday's bridesmaid dress obsession, moved on to wedding shoe obsession (hint: mine will NOT be white), and ended up discovering a great new blog:

Love it. A kindred moment happened upon reading her blog entry about how great Walgreens is. I live a mere three or four blocks from a Walgreens, and I felt chastised for under appreciating my proximity. Personally, I usually only stop in for absolutely necessary toiletries, though I always end up buying a 99 cent Arizona Mucho Mango or Raspberry Iced Tea. I think this stems from the knowledge that if I let myself wander freely, I will end up spending way too much time and money on things I really don't need but are awesome. It brings me back to my childhood and early teens, the days before we had a Walgreens, when the Rite Aid was still Payless, and I would enter with a couple of twenties in babysitting money and a vague notion of certain items I needed and emerge without any twenties but plenty of Bonne Bell products, candles, nail polish (usually with some kind of glitter in it) and probably some candy. But nonetheless, though I usually am able to restrict my Walgreens purchases, it does offer opportunity for some really awesome photos

I have others, but they mostly involve embarrassing shots of me, my friends, and my boyfriend. In this pic I was amused to appear giant in relation to anything, since I am quite short.

In unrelated news, I want one of these:

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