Friday, May 28, 2010


Today consisted of raaaaaaain, work, watching Junebug, and making brownies. I really wish I had more time this morning getting ready because my hair desperately needed to be down and blowdried. Instead it looked like this all day:

Why exactly did I run out of time? I had to try on about five cardigans before I found one I liked. The only problem with this lovely raspberry Nordstrom one is that I am a sleeve pusher-upper, and the sleeves stretch out and fall down so I spend all day pushing them up every thirty seconds or so. I'm wearing two tank tops, the black one was three dollars at Labels and has a cool satin trim. If you could see the shoes better, you would see they have giraffe print and are awesome. They were on clearance at Kohl's many moons ago. Also, I wore my Lulu Guinness glasses. Fun fact: Lulu Guinness is the heir to the Guinness beer fortune. This fun fact may or may not be true, and is brought to you buy a random library patron.

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