Friday, May 28, 2010


Don't you hate when yesterday was laundry day and you unloaded everything onto your bed in the morning meaning to fold it during the day and then you go to get ready for bed and you see this:

Now for the outfit. I went pattern CRAZY today with the christening of my new houndstooth sweater vest. I thought about wearing my houndstooth tights also, but when I went to try them on I remembered my argyle tights. I was running on time getting dressed at this point, but for some reason, even though I've worn the tights numerous times before, putting them on this morning turned into a ten minute twisting and tugging ordeal. By then I was ten minutes behind schedule and no way could I start all over with new tights or leggings so I went with it, and topped everything off with whatever pattern is on those shoes.

I was trying a leg crossing pose I've noticed is basically the only way anyone in Teen Vogue stands when they're on the red carpet, but it didn't quite turn out. The crossing is supposed to hit more at the upper thigh, not in the knee/ankle region.

Well, since I banished the dreaded laundry pile before I started posting, I may now go to bed. After I take out my contacts and wash my face. And then I will eat pudding and watch The Practice on Hulu. Fun fact: whenever I go to search for The Practice on Hulu, I get as far as "the" and it starts suggesting shows it thinks I'm looking for. First on the list? Family Guy. Um, yeah Hulu. By "the" I meant Family Guy. Aren't technological shortcuts handy?

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