Thursday, May 27, 2010

5-20 and 5-26-10

Tori went to the east coast and brought me back the quintessential gift:

The strange thing about this very cute t-shirt is that it's a size medium. Seeing as how I am barely big enough for the size zero Old Navy trousers I'm also wearing in the picture, it doesn't quite track that the "medium" shirt is practically suctioned to my torso.

Moving on...below is me dressed for a day at home on the couch working on an experimental artistic endeavor while watching Tyra and Cash Cab and whatever else I can find since our TV only goes up to channel 13.

The cardigan is Anne Taylor, purchased at Goodwill at Tori's urging sometime last year. I have worn it exactly one other time. While I like the color and beading, I can't shake the notion that it's old ladyish, and not in an ironic/retro sense. It's also a bit wide, and oddly short. It can't seem to decide if it's cropped or just giving off a "shrunken in the dryer" vibe.

And here's a shot of the fruits of my labor:

An almost-finished collage piece. Each blue square was hand-cut onto this plate and hand-glued one by one to a canvas. I'll post a full shot when it's finished.

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