Friday, April 30, 2010


Home alone, eating mac and cheese. After work I was feeling artistic and set about a project, but needing something in the background I put on a concert DVD of No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom Tour. I've only watched it once before, years ago when I first got it. I think I spent most of the first ten minutes ignoring my project and watching mesmerizedly as Gwen hurtled about the stage, voice never faltering, energy never waning. As someone who has seen No Doubt twice on tour, once during Rock Steady and again last year, I can concur with the evidence on the Tragic Kingdom DVD which indicates they are pretty much flawless live. I've been on and off obsessed with Gwen for years, and she made me fall back in love with her again.
Here I am in an "I'm barely trying" outfit thrown together in about two minutes flat. I was running late for work. I love these Levi's trouser jeans. They didn't come in short length, but I had them hand-hemmed by Grandma. So much more professional looking than skinnies.

Shoe detail. I got these gold flats for Christmas--they're Dr. Scholl's! Way to be cute AND comfortable! Perfect for an eight hour day of being on my feet.

Tank top lace & sequin detail.

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