Thursday, April 29, 2010

4-21 through 4-28

Kinda behind on posting, so here's some catch-up.

Kinda over leggings but it's still too cold to go bare-legged, and I have to be covered up enough to be work appropriate. I folded them up at the bottom for a little calf exposure. The t-shirt looks much cuter with the dress in real life, and I love that it matches the reddish-coral in the pattern almost exactly.

I guess this is a bit schoolgirl inspired, the skirt was two dollars at a consignment shop called Labels I'm now obsessed with.

I wanted to get a clearer shot of the funny pockets in this skirt, so I put my hands in them but it's still a bit hard to see the detail. I keep trying to find different places to pose, but it's difficult finding a place to set the camera and get the whole outfit in working with the self-timer. And getting the shoes in is VERY IMPORTANT YOU GUYS. Speaking of irony, I saved the wrong picture and you can't see my shoes here.

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