Thursday, April 29, 2010


You've heard of Tavi from Style Rookie, right? I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes, so I just now got around to checking out her blog for the first time. A fourteen-year-old girl is my new inspiration. I was initially struck more by her writing than even the fashion. She's got crazy-sharp wit beyond her years and the kind of cultural relevance I never could have imagined at her age, dropping references to everything from Family Guy to J.D. Salinger. She reminds me of the girl I wish I could have been back then. As an introverted kid who to this day hasn't broken the hundred pound mark, I could have used a fashion partner-in-crime like the similarly waifish Tavi, whose blog took off at the age I lost all courage. My social ineptitude and the pressure to dress in ways I couldn't afford to fit in killed my style. The vibrant fashion daring I had as a child became to risky. I played it safe, and it has taken more than ten years for me to really begin to reclaim the whimsy and courage I once had.

Now here' a picture of me today:
Not directly related to the above ramblings. Though I would like to mention that when I was little I loved wearing weird and crazy things I bought at garage sales. My grandparents on my dad's side are avid "garagesalers" and used to take me along, giving me a couple bucks here and there to spend as I pleased. Then middle school hit and, same old story, secondhand clothes were taboo and only certain brands could be worn proudly. But recently I have seized a great passion for secondhand clothes, mostly by way of thrift stores and consignment shops. The sweater above I have been wearing like crazy since I bought it a couple of months ago at Value Villiage for probably around five bucks. Here's a closer-up of the optional side-button detail:

I've only worn it this way a couple of times, but I think I might get into it more now. (Picture taken in Tori's room, cause her mirror is easier to get to than mine, which is stashed behind the door of my tiny room.) And, just because, my toenail polish that's coming off.

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