Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ode to a flip-flop

What do I do when I'm wearing a pretty vintage dress and a nice hairstyle on a hot day and none of my regular sandals look right with it? Throw on some turquoise Old Navy flip flops, apparently. The flippy-floppy sound they made all day was very nostalgia-inducing, considering I used to live in these and a burgandyish dark pink pair all summer for years. And a couple other colors I don't remember. I actually used to work at Old Navy, so the classic five dollar price tag was even lower for me. I still have fond memories of when I was on the logistics team (people who went in at 6:00 am to put out new stuff), rolling giant bins the size of small dumpsters filled with flip-flops out to the sales floor and tackling the set up of the flip-flip wall for the year. And now that's officially too many times saying flip-flip.

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