Monday, September 2, 2013

Two for one

secondhand AE cardigan, Buffalo Exchange dress, Bass sandals

Gap sweater from Labels consignment, self-cutoff AE shorts, LL Bean boat shoes from Value Village
So summer is ending and I can maybe wear pants again sometime soon without getting heat stroke at work. Meanwhile, here are a couple of tips on making the transition into fall a bit smoother. 

1. Get a Slurpee while you can. They are available year-round, but let's be honest, they're never better than in warm weather. Make sure you layer at least 3 flavors, beginning and ending always with Coke.

2. SWEATERS. Put them over shorts, flowy skirts, minidresses, and very soon skinny jeans with a great pair of boots. Find at least one really comfy, versatile sweater to add to your wardrobe and make it your signature piece. I got lucky with the one in the second photo, it's a lovely fit and sooooo soft it makes me want to pet myself.

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