Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Half-tuck or bust

UO t-shirt, Pacsun jeans, Kenneth Cole brouges

One of the hallmarks of great style is the ability to raise even a very simple ensemble that seems like an afterthought to intentional with even one small extra touch. I always try to add something to a jeans and t-shirt look, like a vintage brooch, a cuffed hem, or my eye-catching orange loafers. In this case, on top of the obviously awesome fact that my jeans are LEOPARD PRINT and therefore stake-raising in and of themselves, I've attempted the thoughtful insouciance effected by the Half-Tuck. Often attempted and rarely executed, the half-tuck can be thwarted by a shirt that is just a bit too short or too long. Too short, and it come untucked every time I stand up, sit down, or reach for something. Too long, and the shirt bunches up and looks utterly ridiculous. So bask, as I did, in the glory of the perfect length t-shit that finally allowed me to pull of the half-tuck.

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