Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hey. I got some shoes. What's up with you?

Zumiez sweatshirt, elephant shirt from a shop in Chester, NJ, Pacsun jeans, Bass boots, antique kitty pin, Bellegance bracelets, Peridot Boutique (Seattle Queen Anne District) earrings, Fendi glasses

I am slightly over the moon for my new Bass Perry boots...they look killer with jeans but I also love them with dresses. I'm not really sure what possessed me with a burning desire for colonial-inspired black booties, but they're going to be my new signature shoes. That is, if I can get over my fear of scuffing the toes, which seems to happen with every really nice pair of shoes I get within the first few wears.

Also...elephant shirt and kitty pin! The bracelets I'm wearing were made by one of my coworkers. He hand-knits them. I feel like I'm wearing tiny sweaters on my arm. 


  1. Hallo, Stephanie!
    Vorab, möchte ich dir ein gesundes neues Jahr wünschen!
    Warum hast du deine Fans so lange auf einen neuen Beitrag warten lassen?
    Mir gefällt dein aktuelles Outfit sehr! Blaue, rote oder schwarze Slims, in Kombination mit Vintage-Schuhen / Stiefeln sind mein absoluter Lieblingsstil! (Und dazu noch ein breitkrempiger schwarzer Hut.)
    Ich erinnere mich gern an deine Beiträge: "Radiowho?", "In which I lecture you about Value Village" und "The second button literally makes or breaks the shirt".
    Übrigens: Was meinst du zu meinem Kommentar zu "Green Arches" (Nur der erste ist von mir!): Die Landschaft sieht aus, wie bei uns in Deutschland, direkt wie in meiner Umgebung.
    Vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder, und bitte, laß uns nicht wieder so lange auf Neuigkeiten warten! :-)
    Liebe Grüße vom anderen Ende der Welt, Katrin.

    (Ich möchte dich freundlichst bitten, eventuelle Fehler in der Übersetzung zu entschuldigen, im Zweifelsfalle gilt das Original in Deutsch.)

    Hi, Stephanie!
    First of all, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!
    Why did you let your fans wait so long for a new post?
    I like your current outfit very much! Blue, red or black slims, in combination with vintage-shoes / boots are my absolute favorite-style! (And in addition a wide-brimmed black hat.)
    I remember with pleasure about your posts: "Radiowho?", "In which I lecture you about Value Village" and "The second button literally makes or breaks the shirt".
    By the way: What do you mean to my comment to "Green Arches" (Only the first is by me!): The landscape really looks like with us in Germany, just like in my environment.
    Thank you for the nice pictures, and please, let us not again wait so long for new posts! :-)
    Dear greetings from the other side of the world, Katrin.

    (I want to beg you most friendly, to apologize for possible errors in the translation, in case of doubt is valid the original in German.)

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments! I prefer my red beret, but a black wide-brimmed hat would be great as well! I am really busy, working two jobs and pursuing other creative endeavors, so I often have no chance to take photos while it's still light out. Maybe it will be easier in the summer. It's interesting that the landscape in my last post seems similar to yours in Germany, I am certainly very far away from you, and on another continent!