Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dude Style: Part Two

I like to think I'm gaining a skill or two in taking pictures after over a year of style blogging, but let's face it: when it comes down to it, I'm a girl with a point and shoot camera and no training. A good picture is a bit harder to come by for an amateur like me, so here's a couple of pointers I've picked up. 1. An irreverent subject never hurts. Thank goodness Joe doesn't mind looking a bit like a fool. 2. Lighting. Duh. 3. Props. Let a character emerge out of your ensemble, and go with it. For example, a wall can always be leaned against for a seductive look, and a toy King Kong says "I'm sensitive and childlike, please take care of me." The scarf says the same thing. 

And if I may say something about newsboy caps...or even if I may not, I will. In my experience, they go perpetually in and out of style, so any guy wondering if he can get away with it should just try it. Pulling off a newsboy cap is more about liking the way it looks on you and being able to mix it in with your established style than whether you'll find one in GQ this month. In general, they look best with long pants and sport coats or other types of jackets, so if your a t-shirt and shorts guy, I'm gonna go with no. 

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  1. He looks good in a newsboy cap! I don't think my husband would do...