Saturday, February 19, 2011

The spoils

In my last post, I mentioned that you should always bring a camera on thrifting excursions, because there is ALWAYS something worth documenting for posterity. First up, from my favorite consignment store is this gorgeous thing:

Oh yeah, and did I mention...

Vintage Oscar de la Renta. If it was in my budget, I would have snapped that baby up and put in in my etsy store post haste. As it stands, if any of you out there want it I might be able to arrange a return trip and secure it for you. If it's even still there. Priced at about $35 in the store, with the cost for me to ship it this could be yours for about fifty bucks. And if you are wondering, yes it's amazing and unbelievable and the quality is impeccable.

Moving on, I went to my local Value Village for the first time yesterday, and was blown away with how much great stuff they had. There was even a specific vintage rack where everything was priced about the same as everything else in the store, and 90% of it was awesome. Here's a brand I wish was still around today:

There were, of course, some ridiculous sequined items, but this one was totally elegant and gorgeous. Also, it weight about ten pounds.

Now, if you come across a vintage, shoulder padded, confetti-covered vintage jumpsuit, for the love of Mike, try it on. Then get a picture of yourself and post it on your blog, despite the fact that the image will surely cause your boyfriend to break up with you.

I was actually in the store so long that the song that was playing when I came in started again as I was leaving. The soundtrack is one of the more entertaining aspects of shopping at Value Village. The mix varies from oldies to late nineties, and in general the songs are familiar enough that people around you might sing along to themselves without realizing they are doing it. 

All in all, I had a great time, especially since I haven't been thrifting in forever. For whatever reason, it's a passion of mine, and I get a kick out of all the crazy stuff I find. I ended up purchasing a few items for the etsy store, so come back soon to see me try and style them up for your pleasure (and to try and convince you to buy things). I've been wearing two of my purchases since I bought them, and it may be painful for me to offer them to you since I have grown to love them so, but I'm a giver. In the sense that, I might allow you to pay me to give them to you.


  1. Was the white dress a small size? I wear a 4/6 and would love to have it if it would fit. 50 bucks would be an amazing deal.

  2. Amazing, jaw dropping Oscar gown, can I marry myself in it? Beautiful.