Saturday, February 19, 2011

The second button literally makes or breaks the shirt

Sorry about the awkward hand placement in that first picture, but I wanted you guys to see my new favorite thing. I bought this vintage gold-plated bracelet to put in my etsy store, but since I'm not going to prepare my listings until next week I decided to wear it. Every minute. All the time. Forever. I love it because I have so many bracelet issues most of the time, due to my tiny child-wrists and hands. I've never been able to participate in bracelet-related trends because of my affliction. However, this piece is hinged so that it opens up entirely by pushing a button.

Speaking of buttons (best segue ever here, and I didn't even plan it!), have you ever heard that Seinfeld bit about proper button placement on a shirt? This button-up is the perfect example of bad button placement...the first one is so high it looks weird and causes unflattering pulling and gaps when fastened, the second is so low I get a little more exposure than I like. I've resorted to a secret hidden ninja safety pin about an inch above button number two. 

Pacsun cardigan, Hollister shirt from Value Village, antique store pendant, Levis from Value Village, thrifted boots, thrifted bracelet, dad's belt


  1. ugh I hate it when the buttons ruin a perfectly good shirt! Smart move with the safety pin!

  2. buttons really can make or break a shirt and I love that episode

  3. love youroutfit :)

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