Monday, February 28, 2011

Slowly we unfold as lotus flowers

Joe used to be really against v-neck t-shirts on guys, until we discovered the ones at the Gap. They have a modest, not-too-low cut that's not too hipster (read: stop around the collarbone, not halfway to his navel). He has a couple of the Gap ones in various colors and a pack of Ralph Lauren white v-neck undershirts, and they're pretty much his daily uniform. So when I saw this women's Ralph Lauren white v-neck at Value Village I knew I had to get it and be twinsies with him. Bonus: my other white tee is really old and scoop-necked and kinda short, so I hardly wore it. This one fits much better and has the cool little polo-playing man and horse on it.

I'm either channeling Meg White again like in this post, or I've been watching too many Thom York dancing videos:

(more on Dancing Thom's tumblr)

Urban Outfitters trench coat, thrifted Polo RL t-shirt, thrifted Levi's, thrifted oxfords, grandma's scarf, bracelet in my etsy store, dad's belt

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  1. Umm...Isn't this album GREAT?! The song itself is wonderful. The video is a little...well. I can't think of the word. But. Thom Yorke's limb flailing is a little odd. I'm aware that the albums title is King of Limbs. But. This video was choreographed. Which is a little sad.
    Nonetheless, this is a wonderful song and a GREAT album!

    I dont know if you like Bright Eyes, But he just released a new concept album. I haven't gotten to listen to it yet, but reviews say it's the best Bright Eyes yet.