Monday, February 7, 2011

In the cold, cold night

Yesterday Joe and I watched a documentary called Under Great White Northern Lights, which follows The White Stripes on a Canadian tour. I've never listened to much of their music except the singles, but Joe loves them and I've become a fan by proxy. It's a great documentary, revealing and kind of adorable, though it's obvious the duo never reveal any more about themselves (personally and as a band) than they want to. Starting from the very beginning, and persisting right up to the end, I found myself captivated by Meg White. Quiet, uncalculated, and plagued with anxiety, everything she said had to be subtitled to be understood. Bound within the confines of a strict red, white and black only dress code, it's obvious she doesn't think much about what she's wearing. But that's the brilliance. She is so simple and effortless, almost Parisian in her aesthetic. I came away from the documentary wanting only to wear white t-shirts and black pants, hiding one eye behind a sheaf of long, loose hair. 

Luckily, I had items in my wardrobe that would allow me to test the Meg White look. She would often add a scarf to the white t-shirt idea, and since I didn't have one in the proper color family I went with delicate green, adding a vintage clip-on earring at the knot. I finished with oxfords and even brought along my red coat. Funny how wearing perhaps the most simple outfit I can remember felt so subversive. I loved it, actually. It's not something I would wear every day, but the intentionality of its minimalism moved it beyond boring and into sophisticated. 

I plan on doing some screen grabs from Under Great White Northern Lights in hopes that you will find some inspiration as well. For now, here's a little taste:


JC Penny t-shirt, Roxy pants from Goodwill, vintage scarf, vintage clip, vintage shoes from Value Village, Lulu Guinness sunglasses, Target children's section coat


  1. Love the scarf and brooch and those shoes are so incredibly cool. Great finds!

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.

  2. Under Great White Northern Lights is one of my favorite films. I am a huge white stripes fan so pretty much anything they put out I gobble up. Too bad about them breaking up, they will be missed