Friday, December 31, 2010

*girl in a cardigan* Update

Hi guys! The new year is coming, and while I don't really do resolutions, I'm definitely feeling the motivation vibes from all of you out there. So I've updated my etsy store, *girl in a cardigan*, with a couple of new items, and will be adding every couple of days this week until I get everything listed that's lying around my apartment. Stop on by and take a look, tell your friends, maybe even find a treasure for yourself! The vintage barrettes above are only $5! 

What home can be considered complete without a vintage horse accent rug? Not yours, am I right?

And an oldie but a goodie, these vintage red suede pumps have been in the shop since November, and I can't believe they haven't found a home yet! They're in awesome shape, you guys, and are Italian. Size 8.

I'd love it if you all would take a look at my wares. What's your favorite item? Drop me a comment and let me know! I'm contemplating a giveaway when the store is complete, so convince me. Get there by the link in my sidebar, or click here.

Happy New Year soon!

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