Thursday, December 30, 2010


My sidekick Paige came and spent the night at my place last night. I used to be her babysitter way back in the day, but now she's fourteen and in a band and taller than me and stuff so we're pretty much at equal coolness levels now. She also likes editing pictures so these first few are courtesy of her skills.

We were walking downtown and I pointed out a bridal shop, and she insisted we go in. It was actually pretty cool, and we found some irresistible tiaras. The one I'm wearing is just a very simple design, but I loved it so much I've bookmarked it mentally. I think wearing it with my hair down would be pretty and simple, just my taste. We also stopped at a few local shops including Buffalo Exchange, which never fails to deliver something  awesome. Paige left with this cool Kensie cardigan that's kind of cape-y. 

She's back home now, but it was fun to get to spend such an extended amount of time together. We don't get to do that very often anymore. Now I'm just hanging out at Joe's place. We're listening to Smashing Pumpkins together with his two new headphone sets, and he's on his brand new Macbook Pro, a Christmas present from his family. Jealous. What? Who said that? Not me. I've got my awesome HP whatever that's fat and heavy and runs Vista. What's there to be jealous of?

I made this necklace last week. It's actually red, not orange. Soon to be in the etsy store!

Also I wore rings today.

Value Village cardigan, Gap via Value Village t-shirt, handmade necklace, Celebrity Pink via Buffalo Exchange jeans, various rings


  1. I'm kind of in love with your rings and bass guitar<3

  2. Spending the day with awesome people is always fun. Have a wonderful new year!