Monday, November 15, 2010

Won't you pop my balloon?

When I pulled these long-neglected gray skinny jeans out in search of a little variety, I realized how much I've moved away from the super low-cut jeans of years past. I'm not used to having to watch out for exposed midriff any more! I wanted to try out this top that my mom passed on to me a while ago, and the lighter non-blue jeans felt right paired with the fanciness of the sequins. To be honest, it was a bit like wearing very light chain mail. But it was easy to style and a fun departure for me.

Style tip for the day: the "bracelet" you see me wearing here is actually a vintage necklace wrapped twice around my wrist. Necklaces like this can often be found at a reasonable price secondhand. This particular piece was from an antique store, but I've found similar ones at garage sales and thrift stores. And since it's a three-strand design, it gives a lot of impact with very little effort. I sometimes wear it as a necklace as well, so there's the added bonus of versatility. 

My other recent favorite trick is to stack several rings on one finger. I like the way it looks, but it serves a hidden purpose as well. Two of these rings were given to me by my mom, who wore them in high school, and since I have tiny fingers they are a bit large for me. So I slip them on first, and stick a proper-sized one on top, and now I can wear them without having to worry about them slipping or falling off all day.

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  1. sequins are great this time of year...festive for the holidays! i'm in search of a skirt or jacket.