Monday, November 22, 2010

Like a hedgehog doin' karate

Fendi glasses, hand-me-down J Crew scarf, hand-me-down sweater, Target tunic, thrifted jeans, old Doc Martens

The pose, the scarf, the Doc Martens from high school--I felt so very Hipster Musings when I saw this picture. I've been eying these shoes in my closet lately, but every time I try them on they look so clunky. Something about this nerd-preppy outfit made them look oh so right.

It's been so crazily cold the past few days, apparently it was -17 degrees at one point this morning. That does not happen around here. Ever. So I've been holed up in my bed with my laptop, with every unnecessary light turned off to  help defray the cost of the heater that's been pumping all day, despite the fact that I keep turning it down and is set at about 60 now. 

I was going to go to Seattle with my mom and grandma to see the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum tomorrow, but icy streets and high winds mean we're postponing until we get a better weather day. So, bummer. But at least I've got power and Costco manicotti and a giant book to read. Which I have yet to crack today, and it's after ten. Oh internet, you are a black hole. On the bright side, I've watched two episodes of Fringe, last week's Saturday Night Live, and a season two episode of Parks and Recreation. I am about to sell my very first item from my etsy store, and I've moved up from New User to Style Council on Chictopia. And this is my second blog post today. 

Here's what I'm going to do now. Except in bed. 
I've just started playing with the effects in Picnik, and it turns out my favorite so far is "60s." Don't I look so vintage reading my book? Also, used it and some others to finally make a header. Love it! For now.

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  1. Love the tartan scarf and Dr Martens, they add such a grunge feel to the outfit!

    Hope you enjoy the Picasso exhibit when you finaly get the chance to see it, I went to one a few years ago and it was wonderful :D