Sunday, November 21, 2010

Isn't bed just a fancy word for giving up?

American Eagle white tee, Goodwill cardigan, Charlotte Russe top, Value Village jeans, vintage boots

My friend Nick (check out his music blog #1 Hits From Another Planet) and I went to see Harry Potter on Friday evening, so I knew I had to dress in layers. We planned to get to the theater about an hour ahead of time, and this particular theater doesn't have room inside to wait. So we were going to be standing out in the cold for a good long time. I thought my outfit turned out a little piratey-looking, which caused me a bit of psychic dissonance when going to see a wizard-themed film, but I had my coat on most of the time so it was okay.

While I loved the movie, the one major shortcoming I felt while watching was that the sense of great dread and danger that so pervades the book version of The Deathly Hallows seemed much less potent. And, as anyone else who has seen it will probably remember, I saw a lot more than I expected of Emma Watson (side-boob? Seriously) and Daniel Radcliffe. I don't think the hallucinated naked make-out was appropriate. Aside from that, though, the movie was well-paced and gripping. I never once felt the urge to check the time or wonder when it would be over--in fact, I could have kept on watching long after it ended. 

But, of course, it did end. And as the audience was pouring out of the theater, we began to hear exclamations that it had snowed. Sure enough, when we got outside there was a good three to four inches on the ground, and still coming down hard. It was sort of magical and appropriate that the first snow of the winter came during Harry Potter. We were excited and a bit giddy, but also freezing as we sprinted back to my apartment, which was only about a block away. We were covered in snow by the time we got there, and Nick left quickly in case the weather might keep getting worse. I called Joe, who was in bed and had no idea it was snowing out. I went straight over to his place and we went out to take a walk.

Joe ended up teaming up with some other random passers-by to help push two cars and a bus that had gotten stuck. We snapped some photos, which was tricky in the dark. It was fun running around in the snow while it was still fresh and powdery. By the Saturday the sidewalks had all turned into a layer of ice several inches thick, patterned with the indentations of many footprints.

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  1. That blouse is adorable, what I call "ruffelicious"