Friday, November 19, 2010

All the things you like is the things I also think is good

Flying Tomato jacket from Buffalo Exchange, Pacsun skirt, Target tights, Steve Madden flats,  Ross bag, Pacsun hat

I've been wanting to take pictures at this spot near my apartment building since I moved in, but it's sort of a difficult location. It's right along a road that goes behind the grocery store I live next to, so there are always cars going through and people from my building walking by. I managed to get Joe to take a few shots, despite the very cold weather, but all the ones where I'm facing the camera look weird. My face looks blurry and very yellow--not flattering. 

Tonight I'm going to see the new Harry Potter movie. I'm not hard-core enough anymore to brave a midnight showing, but my friend Nick and I are still going to have to go early and line up if we want a decent seat. At least there's only two of us! I'm not dressing up either. A couple of years ago one of my roommates threw a Harry Potter party at our house, and I threw on my graduation robe and some old glasses, turning out a pretty decent Moaning Myrtle, but I'm pretty sure I left the robe at my parents' house. Besides, if I have to queue up outside in the cold, I'm putting warmth before fandom.


  1. i love the colors in this! and did you like harry potter? i loved it so much! :)

  2. Yes, Harry Potter was great! It actually started snowing while it was playing, and my friend and I had to run back to my apartment in four inches of snow. First snow of the year during Harry Potter? Kind of magical, I think.