Friday, November 26, 2010

Home again, again

Well dudes, I hate to break it to you, but the Thanksgiving outfit is lost to posterity. I didn't get any pictures. In the midst of all the morning confusion over whether I would be able to make it to my familys' houses in the new-fallen snow (turned out okay, the freeway was clear) and the evening antics among friends I don't get to see too often anymore, I had no energy or desire to break out the camera when Joe and I finally got home. Rest assured, though, it was cute.

On the plus side, I made a bit of extra effort today even though I just hung around the apartment. I did not go shopping, no way. This skirt was a no-brainer because it never wrinkles, necessary for a day lounging around, getting stuff done at home. The weather has finally risen to more normal November temps, so I didn't have to spend the whole time tucked under my flannel sheets and down comforter. Though I did spend several hours doing just that, making my way through the monstrously long but absorbing book The Passage, which is due back to the library next week. I am past the halfway mark, but I still have about four hundred pages left.

I was able to remove the insulating blankets/pillows/scarves/sweatshirts/pants I had stuffed under windows last week to help keep in some of the heat. Here's what it looked like:

I've prepared for the next cold snap, whenever it may come, by putting my heated mattress pad on my bed. I cranked it up to four last night for about an hour and then turned it off. Sooo toasty and lovely. Anyone who is considering an electric blanket, let me help you out and recommend a heated mattress pad instead. The warmth coming up from underneath is so much nicer and cozier. I feel like I get warmer a lot faster than with an electric blanket, and I only have to turn it on for a bit and then I'm good for the rest of the night.

I ventured out to the grocery store for a few things and made my mom's awesome potato soup recipe for dinner. There's nothing I love more in cold weather, and I can always eat some even if nothing else sounds good. My dirty laundry pile is about halfway diminished, and my sheets will be fresh and clean tonight. The few Christmas decorations I have are up, except for my ornaments. Joe and I want to get a mini tree for my apartment, so I hope I can make good use of them soon. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Christmas is now less than a month away, so I guess I better get working on my shopping.

Eh...maybe later. I'm watching Seinfeld.

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