Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boots and socks for Fall

According to an article I just read on Independent Fashion Bloggers, post titles are very important in driving traffic to your blog from search engines. I have known this for awhile, but usually I just pick some random quote I think is funny as a title and that's that. Especially since my blog isn't really tutorial-based. But I'm curious to see how much of a difference it might make, so I'm trying a blander, more search-friendly phrase today. 

Not that it comes out of nowhere. As you can see, I am, in fact, wearing socks with boots in the fall. It's the thing to do, I'm telling you. I see it everywhere, all over Weardrobe, Chictopia, and the flickr groups I belong to. For the most part, I'm seeing super-tall above the knee black or gray socks, since boots heights are generally falling just at the knee this season, and the socks needs to be long enough to peek out the top a bit. I'm engaging in a bit of rebellion here, since my boots are shorter than what is trendy, and my socks are as well. I'm not actually bucking trend on purpose, I'm just trying to work with what's in my closet right now.

You might remember me mentioning my issues with sleeve length when it comes to wearing/buying coats. Here is a prime example of where sleeves usually fall on my arm. Not arm, acutally. Hand. Almost to the middle of my fingers. Which works out okay, since I'm an introvert and find it somehow comforting to be able to clutch my sleeve in my fingers, or hide my hand all the way up inside. 

Here's Joe again, though he wasn't aware I was taking his picture. Isn't this tunnel cool? I did some investigating recently and discovered that the trails/park where we took all these photos was basically across the street from Joe's apartment, and neither of us ever knew about it! You just have to get about a block off the main road and start walking. A large portion of the trail runs along the edge of the local university campus, and we got to peek into some dorm rooms. I won't tell exactly what we saw....but we had a few laughs at the expense of unsuspecting students. We'll be returning to the same trails for sure, as least we'll try as the weather starts to take it's winterish turn.

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