Thursday, November 4, 2010

Benelux next time, ladies

I guess I should make a small announcement to preface my post today: I am no longer working at the job I got two months ago. I took it because I was moving, and my rent was doubling, and I needed to work. But as the weeks wore on, it became clear that the position I took just wasn't right for me. I didn't like the job much, it wasn't a good fit, and the commute was adding an hour to a schedule that already meant I saw Joe less some days than I did when we lived in different cities. So a mutual decision was reached between my boss and me, and Monday was my last day. I don't know what I'm going to do now, exactly, but I am happy and relieved to have the chance to focus on my blog a bit more while I figure everything out. And since my internet is still spotty and annoying at my apartment, I've taken it to the library today and am determined to get some good work done. Already I'm a happier blogger. The past week or so, each photo I upload takes at least ten minutes for some reason. Not here! I just got three done in less than a minute. Yay for the library! I just hope my typing isn't annoying the person sitting right across from me reading The Pregnancy Bible. I normally wouldn't be sitting so close to someone, but this was the only spot I could find with a free outlet.

So, now. Clothes and such. I loved this outfit. I always wanted to take dance when I was a little girl, but for one reason or another it never quite worked out. The floatiness of this coral skirt from the children's section at Target has a ballerina quality to it which I hadn't yet tapped into fully. And the sweater paired with it felt like something a dancer would throw on after a rehearsal. So I got to play dancer, even though I've never had a lesson in my life (unless you count dance aerobics in college for PE credit. Which I don't). Even my hair, thrown up messily with a rubber band, had a just-danced quality to it.

The shoes always get a lot of attention as well. I got them several years ago. I was shopping at Target with a friend, and we wandered into the shoe section, eventually making our way towards clearance. We spotted the  bold black and white patterned  pair simultaneously, and both made a grab for them...the only pair of their kind on the shelf. I got to them first, turned them in my hands, and exclaimed "My size!" victoriously when I confirmed they were, indeed, sixes. And we all lived happily ever after. Except my friend, who was sad they weren't her size.

I always end up taking these headless shots in an attempt to get  and interesting variety of perspectives in my photo posts, but then when I see them in the context of the blog I feel like they look sort of creepy. Yeah, actually, I am convinced they are creepy. I don't think I'm going to do any more of these.

See, I am a good dancer who does stretches and such. Pretty sure I missed my calling.

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