Monday, November 8, 2010

Attn: Farmers. Candy corn is way better than regular corn.

Awhile ago, I mentioned an elusive pair of boots I would be posting a picture of. Actually, it was two pairs of boots. A couple of weeks ago Joe and I went to Seattle for a fundraiser put on by The Office's Rainn Wilson. We made a day of hanging out in the University District and celebrating Joe's birthday, which was a few days hence. One of the stops we made was the Seattle Buffalo Exchange. We didn't spend too much time there, but in the short window I had to shop I found these:

The picture is horrible and blurry, but those are black suede knee-high BCBG boots on my legs there. Ooooooooooh, how I wanted them. I still want them. I still think of them, and miss them. So why didn't I buy them? They were fifty bucks! For used boots! Sigh. And not only did I find these, but behind me, to the left of me in the photo, there are a pair of brown suede boots on the ground. Brown suede FRYE BOOTS. IN MY SIZE. FOR SEVENTY DOLLARS. Seventy dollars is a significant improvement from the three to five hundred you pay for new ones, but as with the BCBG lovlies, definitely out of my price range. I wore them around the store for about fifteen minutes, tasting a bit of the luxe life while I had the chance. Part of me still thinks I should have just gone for it. I am on such a tight budget, though, it simply couldn't be justified. 

Moving on, the show was a night of comedy and music at The Paramount, a gorgeous old theater. It was tough to get clear photos, but I'm including these so-so ones just to give and idea of the building's architecture.  Here's me waiting for the show to begin:

The show was pretty fun overall. The opener was some random singer who sounded exactly like Jason Mraz, which is not so much my kind of music, or Joe's. The rest of the night was mostly musical acts, interspersed with Rainn coming on stage and telling a few jokes. Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl on The Office, came out with a keyboard and did a music/comedy routine that was hilarious, got everyone signing along, and brought the house down. The Presidents of the United States of America came on after him, and as emcee Rainn informed the audience that they knew they had been upstaged, and didn't think they could follow Craig's act! The only really low point was when a band called Blitzen Trapper came out as a surprise guest to close the show. They were awful. With all due respect to the band, they have a following, and I'm sure they're fine musician, but I personally didn't like it. Joe and I took the chance to go to the bathroom and wander around in the lobby for awhile until they finished, and then we went back in the theater to see the finale:

Everyone from the show came out to sing a final song they wrote just for the event. Afterwards, we hopped in the car and managed to get on the freeway fairly quickly (I am notoriously bad at finding my way anywhere, and after Smashing Pumpkins it took me 45 minutes to find an on-ramp). I white-knuckled the drive home in crazy rain, trying not to hydroplane to much. We made the traditional stop at Denny's about fifty miles away from home and gorged on pancakes, bacon and eggs. It was almost the best part of the day.

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