Monday, August 23, 2010

(Unintentionally) Mixing Neutrals, Part 3

I hate when I'm too lazy to take my outfit picture, and then I spend two hours on a new tumblr blog I found (The Frogman), and then it gets completely dark in my house besides the glow of my laptop, and then I get up to turn a light on and somehow hit myself in the head with said laptop, and then I have to take a picture with bad lighting cause it's dark outside.

Anyway, I had a job interview today so I tried to look neutral and professional, which ended up looking rather boring. When I took the picture and looked at it I realized I was mixing black and brown without even knowing it. In the end, it was a blah outfit and I have a blah look on my face.

Thank goodness I got my hands on some free jewelry yesterday so I felt there was at least something interesting about what I wore. My parents are wrapping up a major addition to their house which added and extra living room area downstairs, and a master bedroom/bathroom/walk-in closet upstairs. In the process of moving into the closet, my mom was going through her jewelry and basically told me to take whatever I wanted besides her diamond and sapphire stuff. I'm not big on accessories, but I'm in a bit of a ring phase so I snagged a few, including these two pictured. The pearl ring was a gift from a high school friend, and the other belonged to her grandmother:

Another one of my acquisitions was this sterling silver bracelet, also from her high school days. I don't wear bracelets much because they are mostly way too big for my tiny bird-wrists, but we squeezed this one down to a manageable size. It's very delicate and subtle, so I might be getting a lot of use out of it.

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