Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Pirate Pixie wore Vintage Tea

Today I wore my turquiosey skirt from Pacsun again. The label calls it "Vintage Tea" (which means "Vintage Teal" but there wasn't enough space for the whole description). Maybe I'll steal the phrase for an ill-fated band I'll start and inevitably abandon. 

I had to wash it twice and lay it to dry after the cream cheese incident, and the pleats are very fussy so I had to be careful where I set it. In the end, though, as you can see, it wrinkled as soon as I sat down in it, but I don't much care because it's still awesome. In fact, the first thing that happened when I walked into church this morning was one my guy friends told me how awesome my outfit was. Other comments included someone saying I looked like a pixie, and someone else immediately responding that I looked like a pirate.

Kayla Pocket Skirt by Kirra

And may I also point out that the skirt has POCKETS! I'm not sure if I said that in my first post about it, but it bears repeating anyway. The brand of the skirt is Kirra, a line seemingly carried only (or mostly) by Pacsun. Usually when I buy something at Pacsun lately, it's by Kirra. Most of their stuff comes in a cut above the other brands, though I have a soft spot for Roxy as well. 

Here's a shot of the clip-on earring I used on the belt-scarf. If it looks familiar, that's because I have the other one clipped to a necklace I wear sometimes and have posted before. The scarf is one of three my mom bought when my grandma was selling them at a garage sale. It's soft and floaty, probably contributing to the "pixie" effect. And the tones in the turquoise and green look much richer in person compared to the photo.

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